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Dads in deficit?

Support for young fathers should employ their innate abilities and empower them to take action for themselves instead of exclusively... Continue reading

The Council of Young Dads is One!

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Tips for social workers trying to engage young fathers

Young Dads TV has written an article for Community Care, the social care magazine. The article has five tips for... Continue reading

The Guardian features Young Dads TV

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Young Dads TV: printable poster.

You asked for a Young Dads TV poster that is easy to print. Well, here it is! Now you can... Continue reading

How to support young dads.


Words of wisdom from local leaders (who happen to be young dads)

100 Dads Walk for Father’s Day 2012

[View the story “The 100 Dads Walk.” on Storify] The 100 Dads Walk. Father’s Day 2012 saw the first ever... Continue reading

Young dads pledge to make fathers more visible.

Council of Young Dads

The Council of Young Dads is born.