Council of Young Dads

Dads in deficit?

Support for young fathers should employ their innate abilities and empower them to take action for themselves instead of exclusively... Continue reading

The Council of Young Dads is One!

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Tips for social workers trying to engage young fathers

Young Dads TV has written an article for Community Care, the social care magazine. The article has five tips for... Continue reading

Dads trapped by public transport.

The high cost of travel in the UK leaves many young fathers feeling ‘trapped’. The Council of Young Dads met... Continue reading

Who are the Council of Young Dads? in government report

The government’s report on young dads and the support they need is released today . . . and’s ‘Council... Continue reading

Somewhere to . . . be a dad.

Find free spaces to set-up your own community groups. Somewhere To . . . connects 16-25 year olds with incredible... Continue reading

Dads need to be plugged-in.

Young dads are missing out on great opportunities. That was the conclusion of the Council of Young Dads at today’s... Continue reading

Young dads talk to the government.

The Council of Young Dads find their political voice. Young Dads TV connected the Council of Young Dads with the... Continue reading

Words of wisdom from local leaders (who happen to be young dads)