Joe Hoadley


Joe Hoadley pledgeThis is Joe, a young dad from Brighton.

Joe is 24 and lives in Brighton, where he’s founded Brighton Dads. He’s got two boys aged two and three.

Joe says:

“It’s not easy being a parent, it’s a lifetime commitment.”

“I needed help and support when I had kids but didn’t know where to get it or even how to get it if I’m honest. I’ve started Brighton Dads so other dads in the area don’t have to feel that alone. It’s a social group where dads can have a laugh and support each other.”

“Dads can be great role models and I’ve got a lot of support from the experiences of other dads thanks to”

“I’ve joined the Council of Young Dads because it’s good to be doing something. Being involved with the Council feels like being given the keys to unlock myself. Until I became a council member I’d never thought I could do things like start my own support group. I’m starting to get interested in politics because I feel like I can actually get involved with it.”

“The friendship element to the Council of Young Dads is great because it’s good to know that other people are going through the same thing. It’s also good to see that lots of dads are role models to their children, and that there is hope for dads. I used to think that custody battles were a losing battle for dads, but now I’ve got a lot more confidence in the rights of fathers.”

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